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How Do I Replace The Navigation Screen Unit?

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I have a 2002 SC430 where the navigation screen door will not go up or down, so I am replacing the entire unit with one off of ebay. Versus paying the dealer $180 for this replace, I would like to replace the unit myself. BTW, I did search for this topic on the forum before posting anew.

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I'm sorry but I do not know much about the screen in the dash. I never attempted to change it or fiddle with the door but I have heard that many do experience problems with the track. It might be an easier fix that replacing the entire unit. Just to get the door back on the track. Less invasive. Secondly, it might be the "open/close" button or some short inside the A/C control unit. There should be some more diagnostics done before just hot swapping the screens. You can also search that site for more threads on the GPS Nav Screen. Lots of info, too much to post here.

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Did you say the dealer wanted $180? Was that a typo? I just went through this repair. I had a warranty with a $500 deductible. The repair cost $1400 and the warrantly company wouldn't authorize Lexus parts, so the first part failed. The car was in the shop for 6 weeks waiting for the knock-off part. Hopefully the thing is fixed now and won't break for a while.

I'm a non-mechanical woman and can't hope to do any repairs myself so go ahead and make fun of me. I'm just telling you my story about non-Lexus parts.

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