Minimum To Remove To Inspect Timing Belt ('99 Ls400)

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I've got an oil leak at the (top?) front of the engine on my '99 LS400 with 240K stop-and-go miles. The oil level only drops about 1/8" on the stick between 4K mile oil changes.

So if the timing belt isn't getting saturated, I'll probably just ignore the leak for a while.

But what's the minimum that I have to remove to inspect the timing belt? Since it's a VVTi engine, there's a lot of stuff in that area!


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Since yours is a 99 LS, it should be the same as my 98 was. I think it would be easiest to remove the LH (drivers side) aluminum cam cover if I remember correctly. Study the first dozen or so pics from my gallery on the 98 and see what you think is do-able. Of course you will not need to drain the coolant, nor remove the fan clutch and so on. Just use your best judgement and I think you can get a look at the belt with a minimum of teardown. Still, takes several pics along the way and bag parts as a precaution.

Here are the gallery pics of a 98 LS400 -> https://www.flickr.com/photos/landar/sets/72157622883357340/

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