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Where can one buy a good repair manual for the LS 400 1997? Ive been looking around and can't find too much...ideas thoughts? Im kind of a noob so be nice :). I think I can get the Chiltons but I dunno...Id rather spend the bucks on a better one. I plan on doing some of the stuff myself and leaving the large jobs to the pro's.

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Lexus offers the factory repair manual(s) There are 3 volumes for 1990 and cost $100, $100, & $50 repectively. I have seen them go on ebay for around $125 for a set. I have yet to but them so I guess I'll be bidding against you.

There are on-line service available such as for $25/yr. I do have that and it answers 95% of the questions I have had, and has good diagrams. The problem is that you have to read it on the computer or print it out. Kind of a pain when you are in the garage doing something. I've seen many "CD" manuals offered on ebay. I have stayed away from them and can't offer much information on them.

Good luck



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