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Wanted To Say Hello To All As A New Lexus Owner

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Well, I finally got my first Lexus. It's a 1994 GS300 with 183000 that I picked up for 3000.00. So far I have done the Major Tune-Up, Oil Change, Trans Tune-Up, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Change the cam shaft and crankshaft seals, complete brake job with new rotors for the rear, new brake hoses for the front and one new left front caliper, replaced the flange on the exhaust system, replaced the upper and lower control arms with ball joints on the front left and right. replaced the tension pulley. Had the seats reupholstered. Purchased a new 22 piece wood trim kit. Replaced one motor mount. Had a complete alignment with high speed balance. I have replaced the shift knob, cup holder and outside door trim around the drivers door. I still need to fix the instrument cluster, two needled are not lighting up. I also want to replace the rear trim on the trunk where is says GS300. the reason is because the plastic is cracked. Once I complete everything, I will have the car repainted, mother of pearl( original color). Then I will be satisfied at which time my marriage will be over due to my wife killing me for spending all this money............

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Your probably right, I am already tossing ideas around regarding the sound system. Thinking of getting a new radio with a touch screen LCD and two more screens in the headrest. To take it even further does anyone know where I can find out info and hi performance mods for the engine? I will be posting pics soon.

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