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?'s On Torque Conveter

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i wanted to know if any gs 300 owners have used a torque converter on their ride. if so how well has it worked out for you and how much was the total spent on the purchase and install of such an item. i remmember reading something about this topic on a thread sometime last year but it might have been on another website. thanks.

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Most of the TC installs I've read about are on the GS4x0. They have much more torque to be gained by installing a high stall TC. Many feel that the 300s do not have enough torque to warrant getting a TC. The PI unit is about $950 and installs can range from $400 to $600. That's a lot of money to maximize the torque potential on a 220 TQ GS300 vs a 325 TQ on a GS430.

Still, if you don't mind spending the money and want to tweak the performance of the car without having to go to FI, then go for it. Remember though that the torque is mostly felt at the lower speeds so you will get faster launches. Once you are at speed, the TC won't really help since you are now in the realm of HP (which again you are limited to the 220 on the GS300 :().

As for personal experience, I don't have it on my car. It is on the to do list but not as high a priority as other mods. Just wanted to share what I know about the mod.

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