Text Message Transfer To Bluetooth In Ct200H

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Good Afternoon!

Brand new here just picked up my brand new 2014 CT200H last week.

Only one issue thus far. I have a Moto X (XT 1060) Mobile Device. On the Lexus site after inputting all the correct information, it states that I should have full compatibility with my Text Messaging through Bluetooth. My phone pairs correctly and the contacts and calls work very well. My SMS do not load onto the screen. No matter what settings I check, it says messages could not be loaded.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?


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Hey, sorry to drag up an old topic but I just got a 2014 CT200h as well and I also have a Moto X and I've had issues with the SMS not working.

I have SMS coming through the Hangouts app in Android. Did you do this as well? I'm wondering if that might be a cause as to why the SMS won't load.

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      My iPhone easily paired with the car and I can use it for hands free calling, but the audio won’t stream via BT. I can connect vis USB (although that is temperamental and will suddenly say it can’t read the device after it’s  already been using it) but sometimes I just want to quickly connect to music. This is not new but I’m finally trying to get it to work.
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      I have a Lexus ES 300h and an iPhone 6.  Bluetooth was working appropriately.  Intermittently outgoing calls would transmit but would not be heard via the Lexus speaker system but could be heard on the iPhone speaker or handset.  Incoming calls worked fine.  My dealer deleted the bluetooth settings on both iPhone and Car but the problem would still reappear intermittently.  The same problem existed when another iPhone/Android would be connected to the system, so Tech Support concluded the problem was not the phone.  They replaced the radio since the chip for bluetooth was a non-replaceable component of the radio motherboard.  The bluetooth functioned correctly for 1 1/2 days and the intermittent problem reappeared.  The car is going back into service.  Has anyone had a similar problem and what was the fix?
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      Hi everyone,
      Was just wondering if anybody has installed an aftermarket cold air intake on Ct200h? if you have, what is your experience with it? CEL? Love my black CT, just a bit slow:-)