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I finally found the source of my power steering leak. With the aid of a mirror and strong

light I was able to see a collection of fluid at the junction point where the high pressure

line enters the pressure port to the pump.

There is a hex-headed brass fitting that secures the high pressure line to the pump

and as shown by a detailed schematic ( someone furnished on this forum) this

brass pressure-port fitting accepts an "O" ring which I suspect has gone bad.

Does anyone know whether this fitting can be removed w/o having to go thru the

routine of removing the air filter, p/s fluid reservoir, coolant tank, etc. i.e., take

the car apart just to get to the pump.

I think the fitting is accessible from the underside of the car when on the rack. If so, it

looks like an hour job at most by any competent auto mech... remove hex fitting, install

new "o"ring.

Or.... I can just hear the moans from you purist... should I try adding 12 oz of

Lucas power steering stop-leak to swell the "o" ring. I'm not into adding junk

additives to my car but I read a lot of success stories about the efficiency of this

additive in stopping leaks and enhancing overall p/s performance.

Comments would be appreciated

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