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Trunk Won't Open!


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I have a 2007 ES350 and my trunk decided to stay shut today, right when I arrived at work with stuff in the trunk.....

The keyfob doesn't work, the button on the trunk doesn't work and the button inside the car doesn't work.

There is no clicking sound, it doesn't seem to be moving the switch.

I can open the trunk using a long stick and pulling the emergency lever.

I have checked the valet and that is not the problem.

I have disconnected the battery multiple times. Apart from losing all my settings this did not help the trunk issue.

I pulled the fusebox and don't see a "trunk release" fuse. I see a fuel OPN but no trunk.....

My fuel door works fine.

I am going to check every fuse after I get off work, but I figured I would see if anyone has had this isuse?

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EDIT: whoops sorry just saw the email with the first part -- see you checked valet so ignore below-- always the valet for me

don't panic 99.999% sure someone hit the button in the glove compartment , the valet switch!!!

Open glove press button and it will open

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