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Clueless On When And How To Get Inspections

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I drive a 1999 Lexus ES300. It has 68,800 mi on it. I really don't know anything about when to get inspections. Can anyone tell me when you are supposed to get them? 70k, 90k? I know at 90k I'm supposed to get some kind of big inspection. I do not know what they are called and when to get them. If anyone could write a idiots guide to inspections in a reply I'd be greatly appreciated.

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You can get a good idea of the Scheduled Maintenance Intervals in your Owners Manual. If you follow them you should be in pretty good shape.....and so will your car. ;)

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that schedule is in the Supplemental Owners Manual. On the 02 ES is was a second book that come in the leather pouch. I don't know if you have that book.

If not, I would be more than happy to photocopy and fax or mail you the pages out of mine as it is the same book for all lexi. Go to your dealer, maybe they have one laying around. You could also call 1-800-25-Lexus and ask for a copy.

Another idea is to try ebay, sometimes you can get can pick up the entire package (owners manual, supplemental manual and leather pouch) for cheap money.


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