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Welcome to the club.

I just upgraded to the Droid Ultra and am having a dozy of a time with the phone. I have an 06 RX400h, and had great concerns about the syncing of new phone to car. First phone paired, and connected, until the next day and phone calls wouldn't go thru Bluetooth. 9 out of 10 times it wouldn't go through.

Both phone and car showed that they were connected, but no Bluetooth. Spent 3 days with Lexus, Verizon,(they said it was car), and Motorola,(they confirmed car compatibility). Finally Verizon sent me a new phone, and all was well, UNTIL the operating system updated to the 4.4 the next day, and now I'm back to square one again.. Did some research on Motorola's website, and found 585 complaints about the update knocking out Bluetooth compatibility, and this was back in January. No idea if this will be fixed.

So, it's still Russian roulette weather the phone will connect.

Hope you have better luck, post if you find an answer.

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New member.. I am having trouble pairing a Droid Maxx to my 07 ES350. Can not find my phone on the websites list of compatible list.


First of all welcome! Wish I could help. My iPhone paired with my '10 ES. You might try talking to a Lexus dealership service dept.

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