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Replaced Engine And Cannot Get It To Start


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First time posting here, I have learned a lot from you guys.

I replaced the engine with another one I had in storage. The one in storage is a 1995 and my car is a 1992. Well everything went good except for two things so far!

the biggest problem is that I cannot get it to start. I don't have the radiator installed but other than that everything is installed.

The other problem is for the alternator, there is no plug from the engine harness for the voltage regulator.

I hope someone can help me ,

I should mention that I am using the 1995 engine harness with a 1995 ecu. Can I do this or do I need to use the harness from the 1992 engine.

Thanks you

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nice thata boy, I was just going to say I dont see what the issue is if your running the 1995 ecu, now if you kept the old ecu that would bne a different story, but even then Im not sure im not a sc guy, is it the same gen? as for the alternator.... do you know why its not there? I dont understand that, has it been removed from the new wire harness you used? does it look like it? so your telling me theres nothing plugged ito the voltage reg. as of right now, nor IS there, anything to plug into it... right? well first off dont be running the car without it... you could fry a lot of *BLEEP* man.. you take those rpm's up and i dont see why you wouldnt so careful. could you take the one off your old harness? look into how its incorporated into the harness to begin with thats where id start. ill take a look.

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yep... its not a part of the engine harness, and indeed is different. just figure out how it is done on the 95's, and get your hands on the wiring thats not incorporated in the 92's engine harness. shouldnt be a prob.

EDIT* I guess dissregard the fear of frying stuff but im
not sure, read through this thread i foubnd, may put you in the right
direction as far as options go. post your results k!


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I was thinking of that, cutting the alt wiring out of the older harness. I found the connector plug on ebay. Yes I will not run the engine until I get the alt wired up, I just am not to sure how the correct way is to do that. I will read the post that you sent. Thank you so much for the help.

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