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Lexus Lx570 Facelift In Progress


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I recently purchased a 2011 LX570. It arrived loaded with all options including laser cruise, rear entertainment, lux package. In fact, I don't think there are any more options this vehicle can have. I hated the way the exterior looked so I decided to purchase the parts to facelift it.

1. Whoever said the rear lights were a direct swap is incorrect. Yes electrically they are a direct swap but there will be a gap between the lights and bumper. THe bump will have to be replaced if you want to remove this gap. Also, the black plastic trim retainer under the headlamp needs to be replaced with the newer one. The turn signal bulb socket no longer fits the new assy so you have to replace that as well or trim it to fit. The lamps on the decklid are a direct fit.

2. I ordered the replacement rear bumper as well. This requires a replacement top black plastic piece, tow hitch cover, inner support/frame. They are currently at the paint shop. I should have it back today.

3. The front bumper requires replacement grills (upper and lower), fog lamps, trim for fogs. I am assuming I will require additional parts but will wait till the bumper arrives from paint. THe front view camera is not a direct fit onto the grill either. The plastic trim around where it mounts needs to be modified. The Lexus Emblem needs to be replaced also. IF you have laser cruise as I do, you are not going to be happy. The emblem retails for 1100 bucks!!!!

I have extensive knowledge on retrofitting benz's and my prior es300 so I am not too worried about this project. I use to go by SUNMAN but can't seem to login with that name anymore. I will post pics soon.

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A few updates.

The rear is complete. When you install updated tail lamps, there will be a small 1/4 inch gap between the bumper and tail lamp. This can only be resolved by replacing the rear bumper. One member mentioned a trim piece that can be ordered but no such thing exists.

The rear bumper replacement also requires new mudflaps In rear, tow cover, black top cover with chrome trim, side mounting rails, new reflectors. Overall the rear was pretty easy to complete. THe sonar sensors on the original bumper had two different sizes. two smaller and two larger. Now the new bumper uses all smaller sensors. Instead of replacing the sensors, I simply filed the holes in the center two slightly larger to accommodate the previous sensors.

The front is much more complicated. The updated bumper will not fit without changing several parts. Those include the following at a minumum

1. Bumper assy

2. Grill Assy

3. Emblem on grill

4. Lower Grill

5. headlamp washers

6. Side brackets

7. Fog Lamps and Trim

8. Foam behind bumper

9. Center metal brace in center of bumper

10. Headlamps

The reason for AFS warning is the wiring is different from 2011 to 2013 despite the main "A" plug being a direct fit into the newer headlamp. Several pins need to be moved around the connector. I have moved the pins around so far, and waiting on one replacement pin to plug into connector. I will test and notify members of any issues. The AFS control module part number is different also but being 1200 dollars, I am waiting to test my current module.

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Part number for small 4 pin connector that is used on updated LED/HID headlamp on 2013 LX570 is 90980-10942. You will require 2 of these connectors and 8 pins. I will provide part number of pins when they arrive tomorrow.

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I received the other side light. Rewired the AFS system for the drivers side and tested everything. NO AFS WARNING :cheers:

I still need to get the lower to parking sensors and the Lexus Emblem for the grill. Everything else works correctly. If I want the LED's to run always on then a constant power source wire needs to be tapped into the headlamp. I believe on 2013 cars (someone correct me if I am wrong), the LED strip DIMS at night. A special relay is required according to the wiring diagram.

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Owners, please use the following info at your own risk. To get the AFS system to work please understand the following first.

1. The original headlamp has 3 plugs. The new headlamp has 2 plus.

2. The smaller 3 pin plug on the original headlamp is used for the leveling of the headlamp. The swivel feature wiring is contained on the large plug in both the newer and older headlamps.

3 To make the AFS light to go away, the following needs to be done.

On the large connector of the vehicle.



Remove the middle pin of the small 3 pin connector and add it to slot 7. After you are finished, you should have pins 1, 4, 7, 9 all occupied and are all on the same side of the large connector. You should also have a left over 3 pin connector with pins 1 and 3 occupied. Pin 2 should have been removed to be installed in the larger connector. Tape off the small connector as it will no longer be used. I have verified the headlamp auto levels when you start the car. I have not verified if swivel works. There is NO AFS warning on the dash and the AFS switch works still.

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I bought all body and trim items from the local Lexus dealer. The two headlamps from ebay. Even if the headlamps have broken tabs, Lexus offers a repair kit for these tabs which is what I did.

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Or, I though you were buying some aftermarket parts for 2011 LX which look alike 2013 LX. Are you saying that you are buying 2013 OEM parts and put them on 2011 LX?

From what I heard, they are not cross-compatible e.g. can you explain in more detail how you managed to put the 2013 front bumper on a 2011 car? From what I heard, they are different designs i.e. you cannot simply remove the old bumper and grill as the 2013 ones won't fit...

VERY surprised...

Anyway, please keep on and post pictures! Like it!

(OEM parts are expensive, I wonder which cost saving you'd get in the end, comparing to buying 2013 LX straight away)

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Hi Buddies

currently upgrading an LX570 2010 TO 2013 MODEL

I purchased all the following

front and rear bumper

grill assy


lower grille

bumper brackets

fog lamps

foam behind bumper

center metal brace in center of bumper

head lamps

rear lamps

side mirrors


I later realized the 2013 fenders are same as the 2010 model.... thqt was a lesson learnt I guess

I got a few trick from Sunils post on the AFS warning light ill work with it

Will keep u gus posted on the before and after look

see ya

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My conversion is in progress and I am stuck at the electrical side of hooking up the 2013 head lights.

After all the research I've done so far I assumed everything would plug in except for the small harness which is for the AFS. I didn't really care for it since I plan on pulling the fuse for it and just manually aligning it myself.

Now with the 2013 headlight, I bought the factory HID ballast since the headlight I bought on ebay did not come with it. The problem is the plug that matches the fit is the one for the turn signal/parking light. For those who have completed this headlight mod, what am I missing here? is there another harness that I'm supposed to be using?

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I just wanted to thank sunmanmw :thumbup:

For his clear and excellent instructions on rewiring the connectors to get AFS, and light leveling working perfect on my updated 2010 to 2013 headlights. All working perfect. Thanks a lot!

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