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How Can You Tell If An Rx Has The Optional Limited Slip Rear Different


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Hi folks,

I did not find a thred on this topic, and I hope someone can help me out. I'm wondering, how can one easily tell if an RX was equipped with the optional limited slip rear differential. Are there any extra buttons on the dash that allow you to manually activate? Or are there any wires or features on the rear differential to look for?

Also, can anyone say how the optional limited slip rear diff stacked up against other locking diffs, or e-trac type systems, when it comes to snow or mud?

Thanks very much!


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Thanks for that feedback! I'm in the process of shopping for one, and I don't know how many sellers will allow me to lift the back end or if time will allow. Is there no visual external difference on the differential housing? If there's not difference, then I'm guessing it's just a dashpot type of slip limiter? If it's active or electronically controlled, then there should be extra wires, cables, or hydraulics?


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