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Lowering Springs On Rx300


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Hey there...

I'm looking at dropping my Lexus RX300 by about 1.2 inches... these are Eibach Pro Springs - I've got some concerns though.

First, is there going to be a Camber Issue with this car? Do I need a camber kit to keep the wheels straight?

Second, would I be sacrificing any ride quality? Perhaps a little stiffer I expect, But I still want to be able to cruise comfortably in the thing.

The real reason I'm looking at this is that it I'm guessing it would be cheaper for me to install aftermarkets rather then buy new springs from Lexus.

Any inputs would be great.

Thanks -


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i got those springs on my rx and the ride quality is a little stiffer but not harsh at all - my mom was in my rx the other day and commented on how smooth the ride was after i changed springs...i thought the stock ride was a little mushy camber problems as it's a very small drop...handling seems better, i don't have to make so many steering corrections too. hope that helps...

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i just order the Eibach LEXUS RX300 pro kit. my rear struts are blown out so i order some kyb replacements and decided to go with the lowering kit since everthing will be apart. i think the rx300 is to high and feels clumsly. but will how did the springs effect ride quality in futher detail than your previously post. the place where i ordered them from said they were stiff. any input would be appreciated.



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Jet Driver:

I'm interested in finding out how you liked the spring modifications you made to your RX300, I think this was a couple of years ago. I'm looking to lower a Highlander and there is not inforamation on doing this, but I have figured out that the two cars use the same springs and struts. An info would be useful.

Thank You.


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