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Info Needed On Selling My 97Sc400


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I'm hoping that posting my question here may help me arrive at a wise decision.

I have a 97SC 400 bought new by me. I'm the only owner. Car is at about 150000km. No mods and completely original. Serviced always including timing belt and never driven in winter months. Stored during winter and only enjoyed in the summer. Over the last few years it was driven very little (also own a LS460).

The car is pristine and clean. All electronics as original and working, leather perfect, no rips or gashes. Body is perfect no rust or blemish. 12cd changer fully functioanal in the trunk. Replaced trunk struts last year. Both sets of keys, books, manuals etc. Service records. Basically it's a beautiful car ready to take the cover off and out of storage at the end of April. Have extra OEM set of 4 wheels with snows, These snows were really not used and probably a little too old to be safe. The wheels are fine.

Colour is green metallic with a blueish hue in certain light. Beige leather interior. Windows medium tinted. So my question given the info above is

1 should I sell it? It sits there more than I like

2 how much should I ask for it, if I decide to sell it? (I've seen prices all over the map)

I understand that only 60 units were imported to Canada of the newly styled 97 model. So it's a rare one to some degree. I previously owned a 95 and 92SC

I've been retired for years and don't really need it. Just don't know what to do. I live in the Niagara area in ON.

Any feedback is much appreciated. You can post your replies here or email me to bos at bell dot net

Thanks for your help!

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