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Oil Leak Up Front

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When are you planning on doing it? And Jesus Christ $400?!? LOL! That's awesome man. Anyhow I did the cam and crank seals when I did the timing belt just not long ago, and I wore my head cam to make a very very thorough DIY guide for the whole gig... Have you watched any of Jeff's video's? There good but he didn't continue the video and the most crucial spot, right when he got to the seals, never finished his series it's actually really a bummer... Why someone would go though all he did, making such an educational series to complete this job, and yet didn't finish it... Stopping at a very crucial point in the job. Anyhow let me know when your going to do it. I just need to edit them, it's very thorough man but if you know how I do the rest, perhaps I can just send you that section. If you want a copy of the tech sheets for the job I have those as well I believe. Just PM me bud.

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