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Navigation Disk Required To Run Gps?

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Hey Guys, so I bought a 04 RX330 today and promptly took it in to get detailed. Before I took it in I had played around with the GPS and Nav system, everything was fine. A few minutes after I left the detailing place I noticed my Nav System was down.

The first 3 buttons, Map, Dest and Menu simply don't respond (no beeps, nothing) but all the others are fine. After doing some digging, I decided to check up on the nav disk in the back..found where it should have been with no problems. Moved the slider, pressed the eject button..and nothing (the car was on).

Is a Nav Disk required for the system to run? Perhaps the detailing place removed it and forget to put it back..thought I don't see any reason why they would. Since I literally bought the car a few hours before getting it detailed, I have no clue if there was a Nav Disk before I went in or not...but the Nav system was working.

I tried a battery pull too, with no luck.

Anyone else had this issue?

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Now that you mention it, I didn't hear the eject mechanism working...could it be a blown fuse? I don't want to confront the manager of the detailing place unless I'm sure. I took a look at the fuse box in the engine compartment, but frankly there's a lot of them there and the layout doesn't seem to help narrow down which ones are for the Nav system. Anyone know which specific fuses I should take a look at?

Thanks for the help guys

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Look on the fuse box covers of the engine compartment and underdash fuse boxes for the fuse functions. Or look in your owners manual if you have one. If no owners manual, your owners manual can be viewed in the Owners section of www.lexus.com without registering.

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Thanks for bearing with me..took a look in the manual and found hte 2 that applied to the nav system, Radio 1 and 2..they both looked fine but I changed them just in case to no avail

The disk drive in the back definitely doesn't have any power to it...but since changing the fuses didn't help I'm guessing the unit is just blown.

Kind of unfortunate it happened to me the first day (was working right up until I turned it off and handed the keys to the cleaning place), never really worried that something like this might happen when getting a car detailed :\


The system came back online all on its own! For anyone that encounters this issue in the future, I'm guessing some water damage occurred during the detailing that took down the nav system. After about 4 days of dead silence, the system just sort of resurrected itself

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