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Rx400H Window Switch Not Working On Driver Armrest

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My 2008 RX400h has a problem where the power window switches on the driver arm rest will not operate the 3 other windows. It will operate the local driver side window. And all windows do
operate just fine at their respective local switch.

Could this just be a fuse, or does it sound like the switch itself is bad or some other electrical issue ?

If a fuse, can someone tell me which fuse, or how I would isolate that ? I
found a fuse diagram online, but I don’t see any mention of the power windows
on it.

(The Lock Window switch is NOT the culprit - it has no affect.)

Thank you.

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Common issue - when the battery is disconnected, you have to manually run each of the 3 other windows all the way down and up, then the driver door controls will work again. It's designed this way.

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