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Nav Removal And Replace Help


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LS430 2003 w/nav. My nav is not getting a gps signal. I am still able to plan a route, but the system doesn't know where it is. I suspect it's one of two issues. The cable from the gps antenna, which is located directly under the center dash, is out, or the cable connecting it to the nav is disconnected.

I would like to check it, but I have heard on another forum that once the nav unitl is removed, it
requires special tools to re-install.

I am familiar with the center consol since I replaced the single din radio with a 2din.

Can anyone give me guidance on this problem?


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You have a 2003 which means your maps are outdated unless you spend $200.00 every few years getting upgrades. My 2001 LS430 has NAV but I use my Verizon Droid Cell, Google Maps GPS instead. It is always up to date and on a trip it recently routed me to a different road because of a bad accident on Rt 81 S. It saved me a couple of hours of sitting in traffic and shows me real time where there are backups and slow traffic. My Lexus NAV would have never of done any of this. Unless you can do the work yourself, I wouldn't waste time on repairs if that is what is needed. If you don't have a cell phone with GPS, you can get a GPS with traffic and free updates for the cost of one Lexus upgrade. (Recommend Garmin 2597LMT $179.95)


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Thanks for the reply. I have a GPS that I can use when I need it. I just don't like the ideal of taking the car to a dealer and being charged thousands of $ to fix a simple issue I may be able to fix myself. My maps are outdated. I plan to update them when I get the dang thing fixed. I only use the GPS once or twice a year.


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If you go to Ebay, you can purchase a $160 GPS upgrade for 2014 for about $30. It comes with instructions, or you can just go to the internet and get video instructions for free.

Thanks for the tips guys! I have made progress since my last post. I took the chance and removed the NAV unit. What I out is that it does not require special tools to re-install. If fact, it when back in rather easy. The only trick is that you must have a magnetized millimeter socket set to avoid dropping the small bolts into the dark hole.

While it was out, I looked to see it the GPS antenna was securely connected to the NAV unit. I could find no place where it connected to the NAV unit. I can only guess that the GPS antenna wire is embedded in one of the other wire bundles connected to the NAV unit. Also, some posts says the GPS unit is directly under the top of the dash slightly to the right of center. If it was there, I cound not identify it. I was hoping for a post that would show the replacement of the GPS antenna, but I have not found one.

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