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2000 Lexus Es300 Problems

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Hi, I purchased a 2000 ES 300 to replace my daughters car that was just totalled out in an accident. I have been reading the forum and have found alot of great information here about maintenance and troubleshooting. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

On the way home from the sellers house the CEL came on with the trac off light and ran poorly. Took it to a local auto parts store to have codes read. It showed p0304, p0440, p0441, p0446. First thing I checked for evap faults was the gas cap and it wasn't on tight so tightened it up. For the #4 cyl misfire I checked the plugs and they looked worn and gap checked them and they were all greater than .052. I changed them out. Ran the car and all seemed ok until my daughter picked up the car to drive back to college. Well she didnt get very far and the car started acting up. Ran rough, CEL light flashed a few to times then stayed on and trac off light came on. She got the car back home and the next day had the codes read and had p0300, p0303, p304 faults show up. I swapped coil packs around on cyl 3/4 with 5/6 and drove it to work today taking a longer route also had warmed the car up before so it was at temp and nothing happened. On the way home after work I took a longer route to see if i could duplicate the previous faults and the CEL light and trac off light came on (didn't flash was a hard light). When i got home i read the codes and p0440, p0441, p0446 came back. I am going to check the physical condition of the canister and vacuum lines. I was thinking about changing out the gas cap for starters due to the fact it does look very old and not even sure its the right cap. I have tried to contact the previous owner( to see if he had the same issues) but have not been sucessful even after he told me to call if i had any questions.

If anyone has some direction on where to go next I would greatly appreciate it. This car is in very good condition with having 200k on it. I am hoping to get it to run and be reliable for my daughter.

Thank you,


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