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Like to get a couple of opinions re my spare tire. I have a '92 LS400 and upgraded my wheels to 16" 93-94 OEM Lexus LS400 alloy wheels. I also purchased a new set of Michelin MXV4+V rated energy tires (225-60-16). My spare tire and wheel is the original 15" '92 OEM Lexus LS400 alloy wheel and forget the brand of the all season tire. Should I also change the 15" spare tire and wheel to match the four 16" tires and wheels? I occasionally do road trips and feel that the spare should match the other tires just in case. What do you think? If you agree does anyone know where I could purchase a "preowned" reasonably priced 16" 93-94 OEM Lexus LS400 alloy wheel in excellent condition?

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why spend the money? :chairshot:

A spare tire is just that, a spare. It's primary purpose is to get you out of harm's way and to a safe point where your damaged tire can be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Think about the number of cars that came with a donut spare. Owners don't run out to get a 5th matching tire.

Whatever you have in the trunk as a spare, just check it at least every other month to make sure it is up to pressure. Tires lose ~1 psi per month.


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