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Braking And Brake / Rotor Recommendations

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I have a 2006 RX 400h, just purchased a few months ago. When I hit the brakes I feel the regenerative braking happen and it always seems to "pull" the car to the left. I'm not sure if when the car starts to "pull" that it is the regen or the friction brakes doing this, but I don't feel it should be happening. Is this normal? I don't like feeling like I'm not in control of the car or for it to do what I don't want it to do.

Also, not sure at what speeds, but seems to happen more when I'm accelerating or going at higher speeds and need to hit the brakes harder, there is a very noticeable stutter in what feels like the car is going from regen to friction where it seemingly losses braking friction or grabbing power. Not sure what this is, but it happens only for a split second. And split seconds matter when you are trying to safe a life or lives.

Lastly, when we got the car the rear brakes had about 40% left. I'm looking to replace all rotors and brakes. Any suggestions on both and where to purchase?

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It may be that one of your caliper slides is sticking and needs lubrication. You may not need new rotors; only a thorough inspection will reveal if the OEM rotors are still within specifications. If you did need any, it would be the fronts. Centric makes a nice 120-series rotor for $64 each at Tirerack, Brembo does make less expensive ones, but they have no rust protection on their "hats". You have to be careful with pad selection. Many inexpensive pads are noisy. I'd stick with OEM.

That temporary loss of braking feel is not really a loss of braking. It is a temporary loss of regenerative assist, making it feel as if the vehicle has lost all braling and is actually accelerating. This is normal and is nothing to worry about.

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Thanks for the rec's. The dealership that I've been going to doesn't check rotors, they just resurface them. I've always been told that that's just bs and a ploy to make more money off you. If I'm being forced to resurface then I'd rather just replace. I could always go to a different shop, but I've briefly read that the brakes have something that only dealerships can fix? Or is that just when you mess with the brake lines?

Either way, I need to get used to the weird pull sensation when braking and should probably get the calipers checked out. Thanks again

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Personally if you don't have stutter or shaking while braking I would leave the rotors alone and just put new pads on and make sure all of the slide surfaces are properly lubed. The RX400h brakes last a long time (much longer than normal cars)

I misread, I see you do have stutter, I would just replace the front disks with OEM or Brembo (if you are in a mild climate) or as said above. Should be good to go for at least 90k miles on Toyota pads. They work great and are available at Toyota dealership for our car (same as Highlander)

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