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Navigation Troubles

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Hi everyone i'm new on this forum and new to owning a 2007 Lexus IS250 . So with that my problem is i bought my lexus knowing the nav didnt work and that there has been problems with them on other Lexus's. My problem is the nav says program cannot be read contact dealer. And the buttons on the right side of the unit dont work. the touch screen works fine. Then on the dash display in between the speedo and tach there is a display of check system and a red triangle then my low tire press light is on in the bottom right corner. I have checked for the right nav disc and the dealer says i have the right one. I also took the car to the tire shop to have the tpms sensors checked. They could not get them to read or certify. But they did a ecu reset and when they were doing the reset the nav came on the when the reset was done it turned back off. I have taken the nav stereo unit out to see if there was wires unhooked or other possible visual signs of something wrong and did not find anything. I was hoping someone might have some advice if it is something they have fixed before or if i have to get a new unit all together. Thanks For your guys time.

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Have you had the problems diagnosed by a Lexus dealer or by an independent repair shop familiar with or that specializes in repairing Lexus vehicles? My guess is the "ECU reset" the tire shop did was really only plugging in a special device that allows them to wipe or register the TPMS codes. Was the tire shop able to successfully read the TPMS code directly from the sensor at each wheel?

I hope that the previous owner didn't mess up the nav through the hidden menus.

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Yeah quite a few times. But get the same answer.

Hi Brandt. From your dialogue I can't tell wether you've been in thouch with Lexus corporate or just the dealer so far. In what ever case, I've included a link for Lexus corporate specificaly on Navigation. I would be doubtful if it's going to solve all of your problems, but it can give you some great directions.

Also, "dcfish" should be able t0 help you out as well..



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