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Has Anyone Successfully Converted Theri Lx570 Headlights To Hid?


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I have a 2011 LX570 and it seems like the lights arent even on when its dark out. I come to find out they dont put HID lights in these for some reason. I would like to convert, has anyone been successful? if so where did you purchase the kit, any tips?


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There were a few discussions in this forum on the lights subject. Use the search in the LX/GX/general topics first. As a quick summary, probably the brightest alternative is the xenon light; the second alternative is halogen bulbs of a better brightness than the stock bulbs (on these, you'd have to balance between the brightness and the useful life of the replacement halogen). You may want to care for any alternative to be street approved in your country.

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Beware that if you put LEDs for high beams as you'll lose running lights.

Good luck and pls post pics before/after. I had no experience with LEDs so it would be interesting to understand it better (am using xenon for low beams and left high beams/running lights bulbs untouched)

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