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Updated Evaporator Assembly

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Does anybody know when Lexus changed the design of the Evaporator Assembly? We have a 2006 that is blowing the white dust. We are looking at selling the 2006 for a newer model and want to make sure we don't get one with the same issue.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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There was a TSB on this issue but I believe it was on ealier RX400h. Our 2008 didn't have this issue....Oh and by the way there was a recall for this issue or The TSB required replacement....

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Thanks guys for the help, I don't see the TSB in the sticky post for TSB's.

Anyone know where I can find it? Lexus is offering to help replace the evaporator, but they won't pay for the entire repair.

We love the 400h and would like to stay with it, but don't want the white dust issue again.

Thanks again.............Dave

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the tsb number is The TSB number is L-SB-0032-08. Take your car in and tell them you have breathing problems...Be polite and see if they will cover the cost of replacing the evaporator. When past warranty it is a crap shoot, but many have been successful.

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So, I guess it doesn't matter if we go with the newer model. Is there any other advantage to looking for a 2007 or 2008? It doesn't appear that there is any upgrades in the interior and only some badging on the exterior.

Any opinions?

Thanks for everyones responses...........Dave

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