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Hi All,

I'm giving my dad my S500 and going for a 2001 or so LX 470. Please tell me your concerns or my concerns with getting an LX470. What problems have you had, what are your qualms, rants and raves. Any suggestions would help!

I was a Lexus owner (GS300) and went to Merc. Don't get me wrong, but I love my Benz. Its a fast son of a gun, intimidating, comfortable and prestigious. But in the area of reliability, I don't know. I have had problems with it...I won't go into details.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions, opinions, and comments.

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I have a '01 LX470 which I bought used with 27K miles. It has been a great SUV that has a lot more features than the Landcruiser. There is a button to lower the vehicle to make it go higher. Unfortunately, it defaults to the standard height if you go faster than 20 mph. I would love for it to be lower in the freeway to get more stability. It is a fine vehicle. Drinks gas! - premium unleaded. It almost rides like my mercedes 420 SEL because it feels very heavy. It is not a road hugger like my MB but I'm comparing a car to an SUV so that doesn't count.

I have had a Chevy suburban (not even comparable to the 470) and toyota 4Runners. The only problem I've had with the 470 is the rear panel passenger side window. It remained open and I just took it back to the dealer. They replaced a motor that regulates the closing and opening of the rear panel window.

The finish seems to hold up much better than my 4Runner. I have not noticed any chip on my paint at all.

Hope these help.

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Interesting swap.

The 470 is a lux truck. That is obvious, but sometimes seems forgotten. The ride is different from a lux car -- more truck like but not objectionable. Cornering reminds you that it is higher than a car though if you do not push it, you will never notice as the suspension breeds confidence.

If you learn to operate the controls on the tranny hump console, you will begin to find the value that separates a 470 from the Land Cruiser.

The real lux of the 470 comes when you do truck things in comfort. For example, checking out new land where there are no roads, just trails and creeks and mud holes. Take your friends and realitor for the ride of their life.

Take the family for a picnic where only the tuff trucks go, but you get to go in total safety and comfort. Perhaps dinner on the edge of cliff off a fire road as the sun sets? No prob.

Hay for the animals -- bring the hay pills on! Snow -- secure in over a foot of the white stuff.

And if your date is running late, don't fret. Just park out front and pop in a DVD, kick back and enjoy the show.

love this truck


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