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If You Can Only Choose One Way To Improve The Performance Of Your Car,


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You know, that is a really good question. The ES 350, 2014 is not a rail job. (Although I've always wanted to drive a dragster). But I can hit 60 in right at 6 sec. But what makes me wonder about more power is this: From a standing start, (stop light), it takes about 0-2 seconds for the engine to get fully awake. From then on it barks at 1st gear and it also barks rubber at 2 nd gear.Just when its hauling A.. moving forward into 3 rd gear the front end starts getting squirley and it fish tails back and forth the lane markers. If I hold on tight to the wheel, l can maintain it OK until it goes into 3rd. from then on it just moves very quickly. If you've never driven driven one, take a spin when your by your dealer or in for service.

I know all of you wrenchers are chuckeling right know, but when your old and your !Removed! is about three ax handles wide, you can't fit in what Lexus try's to pass off as a "Seat".

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