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Mark Levinson And Surround Decoding

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Hello everyone,

New to the forum and I have a question for you Mark Levinson owners. I have a 2013 GS 350 F Sport with the ML audio package. It advertises decoding 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. The problem is that there's just one commercial format that provides this, DVD Audio discs, and they're pretty much dead. I bought a few just to really flex the ML system and they all act wildly different. One disc plays a single frame of video with the song, so the nanny system in the DVD application stops the songs when you put the car in drive. Once you're driving it tries over and over to play the disc so it skips every 2 seconds on the same song.

On another disc, it will play the songs just fine and accurately decode them, and it sounds fantastic.

I got in touch with Lexus via the tech expert at my dealership, and he said, officially, DVD's aren't supported. This came from corporate. Well...that's a pretty weak thing to say if you ask me.

So basically we ML owners have this phenomenal system and nothing encoded in surround audio to feed it, officially. Have any of you experienced these problems? Has anyone found a digital format that the car will play back in surround? I'm considering converting a DVD-A disc to WMA 5.1 format and testing that out but before I reinvent the wheel I wanted to see what else people have tried.

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