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Had A Flat On The Interstate Yesterday...


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I've been driving for 44 years and never had a flat tire. Yesterday I was driving home about 70ish and hit something with the front tire that threw it up and I ran over it with the back tire. Whatever it was made a horrible clanking sound. I don't see any damage on the body, but will look underneath it when it warms up some. Put about a 1/2 in diameter hole in my tire. Car handled great. I was pleased. I saw the tire light come on immediatly and let off the gas. I got in the right lane and coasted to the shoulder. She got a little squirlly on me, but nothing hard to handle. All said, AAA came and put on the spare and I got my tire fixed today for $17. I was really very lucky. No damage to my wheel at all.

Once again, I'm so pleased with the quality of my Lexus. I don't know if a lesser car would have handled so well.


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Most importantly, you safely brought the car to side of road. Fortunately most new cars would handle situation in a similar fashion when equipped with common safety features these days (including stability control and tire pressure monitoring systems). Glad to hear everything is okay.

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