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A/c Low Side Schrader Valve Info. On 07 Es350


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My 07 ES350 A/C has a leak and I have to recharge it once every 2-3 months. I tried stop leaks but no go as it is still leaking. One leak I have detected
is at the low side schrader valve as every time I went uncap it I would hear a very auditable "hiss." There may be other leaks but the low side port
leak is a confirmation. I did try tightening the schrader valve but also a no go and it still leaks.

I called the Lexus dealer in Torrance today and the parts guy told me there is no P/N for the low side port schrader valve and I have to replace the whole line. A hard line. So anyone has any info. on the low side schrader valve like size and where I can find one and etc.? It sounds unreasonable to have to replace the whole line when typically the schrader valve is replaceable.

I did purchase a schrader valve removal tool online but the bore on the tool was too small to extract the valve core; hence, I figure I have a non-standard size valve core. Also, does anyone has any info on which schrader valve removal tool works with my Lexus? It seems almost easier to wait until the next time the system has almost leaked out, then replace the schrader valve, pull a vacuum and be done with it would be the easiest...well, but I luv our ozone layer...

Also, this is actually my wife's car and not mine; hence, I have been maintaining the charge in a leaky system. Happy wife, happy life!

Please help and thanks ahead for your input!

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