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Rear Sunshade Doesnt Fully Extend


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Hi Guys,

Has anyone run into this before? It sounds just like normal and operates smoothly...it just doesn't hit full extension.

It's like the limit switch for the extended position is out of place.

I suppose I'll have to tear out the rear seats, package shelf, etc.

Any advice is appreciated.

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I think you've hit on the problem cause and the required fix. I've never had to dig in to one of these, but as my wife's last ES and her present ES both have this feature, I'd be most interested in what you find is the culprit and the steps to fix it. Get back to us when you complete the job, will you?

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There is an eBay listing today for an entire 2007 - 2011 Rear sunshade assembly. (eBay search for "2007 - 2011 rear sunshade) They've included 5 pictures, that when zoomed in on, show how the system works. One can see the motor, gear drive, the cam that drives the swing arms, and the springs that aid the shade to deploy.

There also appears to be a control module. As we've suggested previously, there may well be a limit switch, but you may find that some lever or spring is hung up, preventing the shader's deployment. Looking at the pictures may well help you figure out where your problem is.

by the way, they want $600 for this used one. Yikes! Fix the one you have.

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