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New Owner Of '93 Ls


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Hi All,

New to the forum, though I have owned a '97 LX450 for 12 years now.

Next week, I will be the proud owner of a 1993 Lexus LS400. I always loved the first-gen cars, and this one is a cream-puff. White/gray two-tone exterior, black interior, 81k mi, timing belt already done, well maintained according to Lexus maintenance history. And yes, already has replaced power steering pump, steering rack, alternator, valve cover gaskets, antenna, gauge cluster lighting, and climate control gauges and power seats work (I've done my reading).

I do have a question. The only negative about this car for me is that it comes with the chrome version of the factory 9-spoke wheels. I prefer the factory silver (non-chrome) version. I'd be interested to hear forum opinions on the best way for me to do an exchange on these (chrome for non-chrome of the same type). Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Aren't Lexus cars in California required to have chrome wheels? :whistles:

There are plenty of 93-94 wheels on eBay but I'm surprised at the prices. There is always Craigslist - still kicking myself for not buying a perfect set of 01 LS430 wheels on Craigslist a few years back at only $250 for the set.

It may be difficult to find 20 year old wheels in decent shape but there are wheel shops that will restore them at a price. I doubt that you are going to find a private owner who has excellent non-chrome wheel who wants to do an exchange with you. You'll probably have to buy what you want and then sell or discard your current wheels.

If your chrome wheels are in good shape and not leaking, maybe you will warm up to them. I didn't go looking for chrome wheels when I bought my 2000 LS400 in 2003 but that is what came on it when originally sold in 2000. I like them. Here is a photo from 2007. The wheels were replaced in 2003 under the car's original warranty and still look like new.


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It is easy enough to buy another set of rims to your liking. Just takes $$$ and time. Keep an eye on ebay, there are lots of sets coming up all of the time. As Jim said, live with the chrome for a while and maybe they will grow on you. In the meanwhile you can do some searching. Expect to pay around $100 each wheel (with shipping) for standard decent factory rims.

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I found my chrome ones on craigslist for $80 a piece and thought I got a decent deal... they were like new and bought them in January this year. They are for my 1999 model that really needs the chrome to set of the Antique Sterling Metallic paint...(where do they come up with these names?) lol

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