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About Lexus Rx330 Diagnostic Test


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I have a question...My friend bought a 2005 Lexus RX330 from Lexus of Watertown. 2 days later, he heard a weird ticking noise, humming, almost diesel like sound. Then he brought it in and was told that the car is fine, noise is normal for this car (don't believe it), and that it is the ignition firing pressure (not sure what that means). So, he brought it to Herb Chambers lexus for a diagnostic test which he was told would only take the most 2 hours. Well, apparently, they said that they can only give him the car maybe on Monday; Maybe monday? What happened to 2 hours top? Well, he was a bit paranoid with all the run around...What could it be? is it possible to have a car being diagnosed for this long? He wonder if they got into a car accident with his car and they don't wanna tell him. Who know why. Please help!!!

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