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Retrive Obd Code

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Hi, I am new here. I own a RX300 2002 with 30K on it. Could someone please tell me how to retrive OBD code? Also, is it necessary to do the 30K service at dealer? The dealer charges $585.00.

Thanks in advance for yuor time.


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Thank you. This is different from my Cadillac, from which I can retrieve the codes manually on the display board without a scanner.

BTW, are you the guy alerted people on e-bay about the fake Lexus repair manual CD? I was cheated $20 there. Glad that e-bay got my money back.

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alot of the serive items can be done in one's driveway with a good set of tools.

Knowledge being the first tool. It is simply fluid changes and inspection.

It is not listed but the coolant system should be flushed. This may be best done by the dealer but can be done easily at home. Even though it is 5yr long life coolant, Lexus dealers are saying they don't trust it and want to flush it at 30k or 2 years.

You can do the oil change, wiper change, air filter change, tire rotation, tranny fluid drain and fill at home.

The brake fluid flush and PS fluid flush (if you opt for this) may be better done at the dealer.

The biggest problem with doing it in the driveway is the proper disposal of the old fluids.


PS, are you going to the big Lexus meet in Edison NJ this sunday?

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