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Windshield Washer Frustration

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So the pump for the headlight washers gave up, and the flow from the windshield washer was low, so I replaced both pumps. Fun job taking the fluid reservoir out. Now the headlight washers work great, but the flow from the windshield washers is still the same. So blew out the lines, cleaned the nozzles ( all flow the same, just no pressure ) changed the fuse in case there was corrosion limiting current, and still the flow is barely there.

I'm at a loss to explain this. Is there a filter perhaps that might be restricting the flow? I can't believe the new pump is faulty, and obviously the old one was fine if that's the case.

Any help with this greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the offer and response.

I may have a bad ground on that circuit which is limiting amperage to the new pump, same as it did to the old pump, which probably works fine as the new pump made no difference. Now the trick is to find the ground point for that circuit.

I might also run a 12v jumper to the pump from the battery, and also to ground to see if that speeds up the pump.

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Any error codes? Did you replace with OEM or aftermarket pumps?

What's the temp in your place, any snow/ice on the windshield/headlights during the trials?

Not sure what you mean by saying " all flow the same, just no pressure". From the literal meaning I can assume (1) no pressure on the nozzles (you can try to replace the nozzles, despite your prior cleaning efforts, these are rather fragile parts) or (2) a leak in the line (which would be smth out of the blue to me, never heard of this before; anyway, this should be very visible on detaching the side boards/other coating along the lines).

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The washer system isn't an OBDII system, so no codes.

No ice.

I mean that all six nozzles flow the same amount of water, which would indicate that foreign objects aren't plugging anything. Even so I blew them out and checked them with a number drill.

There are no leaks in the hose.

The pump is a new Toyota part.

So the new pump is generating the same pressure as the old pump, and that's why I now suspect something is limiting current in the circuit.

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SRK, if you have 2 identical washer motors (like on GX - 1 for windshield, 1 for rear window), you can switch them to isolate the problem. Otherwise if you excluded leaks/blockages in the line and the fuses are fine, your trouble must indeed be smth related to the wires/connectors as your originally flagged.

I might also run a 12v jumper to the pump from the battery, and also to ground to see if that speeds up the pump

That's what the LX repair manual says for inspecting the washer motor. You may need to check the repair manual for your car to see where to connect + an - to the motor.

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Thanks Eugene. I've got two motors now that both work the same, the original and the new one.

The wife has the car out of the driveway so much I can't get enough time to yank the wheel and fender liner to test the thing. Soon I hope.

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