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Brand New Is 350C Convertible Top, Displayed Message "off Track&#3

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Hoping to get some feedback. Just purchased a brand new IS 350c from the Lexus Dealership. Brought the car home everything was great drove it for a few days, then
yesterday afternoon was backing out of the garage on a bit of an incline, after I backed out of the garage I stopped still on a slight incline and opened the roof to enjoy a beautiful afternoon drive with the top down. Much to my surprise with about 10% left to complete the roof opening, it stopped and displayed a message "Off Track". I was sort of in shock to see that pop up so I reversed the switch to close the roof and nothing happened, same message. So after trying both switch positions to open and close the roof, I finally turned the car off waited and then turned it back on. At this point I tried to close the roof and it finally receded down into the trunk and closed ok. I then closed the roof and re-opened and it all seemed fine. Drove it around that afternoon, opened/closed at the restaurant that evening with no problems. This morning I went to get in the car for work and opened the garage door before getting in and the Sun light helped me discover the Top of the Drivers side has a dent in it and the metal beam for the window support has a even bigger dent in it. My heart just about stop beating, and my stomach turned sick, my brand new car has dents in the roof. After calming down and rationalizing everything I remembered the off track issue. So I opened the roof as normal and started looking and sure enough where the smaller dent is it is hitting the hard molded piece of the retracted window and the large indention was not hitting it but was very close to the trunk riser section and had it gone another half inch it would be hitting it in the same spot. So I’m pretty sure this has caused the dents, but I'm very confused why I received the off track message to begin with other than the car was sitting on a bit of an incline, but I wouldn't think that should be enough to throw the mechanics of the roof off. I have called my Dealership and they said they have never heard of that happening but to bring the car in so I am taking it this afternoon when I get off work. I wanted to post this in hopes to see if anyone else has had this sort of issue and to hopefully help the next person if they do.

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Wow! I would be miffed to say the least. I'm glad I saw this post. I will always be sure I'm on a flat surface when I put the top down. Please let me know what the dealer says.

I have had my car almost a year now and have never had any issues with my top. I am getting a bit concerned though because my back window is making some bad popping noises. When I get some time, I need to get someone to put my top down so I can stand there and watch it and make sure everything looks right. I am getting a good many rattles and squeeks.

Welcome to LOC. I thought I was the only "C" here. :)

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Sorry for the delayed response on the resolution of this issue, that’s because there really isn't a true resolution and I was hoping to be able to post one. I took the car back to the Lexus dealership and they had only seen this issue one other time and from the sounds of it didn't have a reason why it occurred then either. After talking to the Service Advisor who talked to a number of individuals within Lexus, nothing could really be pin-pointed other than I was sitting on an incline and potentially the added force on the roof from the incline added to the speed of the roof reclining back causing the off track message and the damage to the roof. Because this is so rare there was no way of really knowing for sure. The Dealership repaired the roof and it looks as good as new. So if any lessons learned can be weaned from this experience it is always try to be on a level flat surface when opening the top of your Lexus convertible.

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Thanks for the followup report.

Glad to hear the Lexus service department took care of the problem and damage. I guess that off-track message kind of means get it flat-bedded in to dealership right away.

btw - Does the IS-C owners manual advise against operating the hardtop on unlevel surfaces?

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