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This Is Just Wrong !


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Just by chance I ran across this article today, and what I read I could not believe my eyes! The electric car company Tesla, has been banned from selling their Tesla cars direcly to the customer in New Jersey. They must continue selling their car only to dealers and then the dealer will continue selling the Tesla cars to the public. This is the third state to pull this off.

Last time I watched Judge Judy, this looked a lot like "Restraint of Trade." Now the author of the article says he feels this shot at free enterprise will not last as more people put on more pressure for a free matket.

Whats your opinion?


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I saw that, with more New Jersey politics at work. These auto dealership special interest groups are very powerful and have successfully protected ability to use deceptive practices unavailable to other retail groups.

btw (somewhat related) - I'm guessing that Tesla's huge new battery factory will end up in Nevada (not Texas, Arizona, New Mexico).

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America....Land of the free!

Getting further and further from the truth. Dealerships (AKA stealerships) have ruined the car buying experience. It is time for a change. Why can't I get on the internet and order any kind of car I want and just go to the dealership and pick it up? And no....I don't want to be hounded for 30 minutes about a coating for my car or protection against door dings. Stop it already!!

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