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92 Lexus Es 300 Got Smoged And Now Shakes

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So i have a 92 lexus es300 and i took it to get smoged for renewal of tags and now it shakes when it urns on and is on park,it also starts to shake and has a hard time reching speed when you press the gas pedal and it also shakes when you start to break or go more than 50 mph . what could be causing this ? HELP!!! :wacko:

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You obviously have to get codes read to narrow down the problem. I have a 90 Nissan 300ZX from the same era that requires reading the codes from the flashing leds on the ECU. I suspect that your ES will be similar.

So you need to get Pep Boys or a tech person to determine which code system you have, where the ECU is located, and have them read the codes.

Its a crap shoot other than that. You really have no other way to start narrowing down the problem, other than considering what the smog tech guys might have disconnected. Then again, maybe its just coincidence that your issue started just after the test. Check the O2 sensor connectors, or the MAS sensor to see if they disconnected anything under the hood. Is a vacuum line been disconnected?

It may have been done purposely to get you back to their shop for a rip off fix, or as I said, it just may be coincidence. Good Luck!

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