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My name is Larry Lumpkins, I just bought a 1994 gs 300 that has been modified to a beautiful car, her name is Elizabeth. The guy who sold me this car did a good job with the lies he told me. I dont know nothing about cars I don't have a job and my girl is trying her best to hold our family together we might lose our house and everything, which is judt a renter place but it's ours and my son. My car won't turn over. Won't start, the lights come on. The guy that sold me this car told me it doesn't have a alarm system in it she hit the door lock on her side and it locked her and my son in the car and the alarm went off. My breaks locked up on me and I couldn't stop the car. That happened twice.it doesn't have a emergency break which the guy Scott told me it doesn't need one. I found out all cars need one. This is my first car I love it and I'm not losing this car. I need it so I can find work.

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