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'06 Gs430 Using A Afe Pro-Dry Air Filter Vs K&n

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I am currently running a K&N oiled type air filter, well apparently some of the oil has got on the Mass

Airflow Meter; because the gas mileage is in the teens then when you fill it up it will start the mpg read-

out on the multi-display at 4.5-6 range and go all the way into the mid twenties. If you go straight to the

highway and set the cruise on 80mph. After you get 40 miles then the wife starts her 6-8 mile a day trips to work and to the store etc. etc. Then it's back in the teens again. Even if you take it out of the highway, you might get it back to 19.9; then that's where it stays. So, has anyone used the aFe Pro-Dry 31-10158 even though it's for the GS250-350 cars according to aFe's web page lookup for Lexus? I do notice that the illustration for the filter shows the pleated filter material is squared off in comparison to Lexus's filter for the car.Less airflow means it should run leaner. -air/same fuel sent to injectors! Will it work on this auto? :( Decided against aFE Pro-Dry; went instead

to the #7032 Green Filter brand. Also a oiled rechargeable filter, but oh what a filter

filter element thickness on the K&N 3/4"-Green Filter 1 3/4". You can also use warm

water to wash the filter and a fan to help dry it. After installing this filter and

running three refuel cycles the gas consumption has corrected itself. So all is good

to go. I have also contacted UniChip and they are going to sell me to piggyback chip

to eliminate the 155mph limiter. But I have to go to Tempe,AZ to have it installed

and dynode to get everything massaged so it will run to the maximum speed correctly.

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I've never understood how K&N could stay in business with the problems their products cause.

The MAF is an expensive and sensitive item - I wouldn't do anything to endanger it.

Aftermarket filters will not do much if anything at all to improve performance or fuel economy on a modern car like your GS430. Heck, I just got back from a 600 mile Interstate highway road trip on which my 2000 LS400 V8 averaged 26.1 mpg on OEM filters - cruise control was set on about 73 mph to get a true speed of 70 mph per my GPS and phone. The overall average might have been over 27 mpg if the trip had not included a little city street driving. Your GS430 might do as well if driven gently and working properly.

Less than 20 mpg is about the norm when your car is driven mainly on city surface streets. The revised EPA fuel economy estimates for the 2006 GS430 are 16 mpg city; 23 mpg highway; 19 mpg combined.

If your MAF has been damaged, you may need professional help to get it fixed or replaced.

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1990LS400: I'm an ole' US Navy engineman, and my father was a new & used car salesman most of his life. Yes the Mass Airflow

Meter as it's called in the digital service manual, is a very sensitive and most important part of the engines performance chain. It not

only measures the airflow, but the density of the air and that is then combined with the other sensors to properly inject the correct

amount of fuel. Also the temperature of air and combustion exhaust emissions. And I will perform the fix myself, being more than a

little technically inclined. We have very limited amount of interstate highways in the SE corner of NM, so most of my driving is done on

2 & 4 lane roads. Also if you go to the Vehicle Library on Lexus's website, the specs for the '06 GS430 calls for 18city 25highway, but

that depends on your driving style. At almost 68 minus a couple of weeks, and more than 40 miles between cities and towns where I

live plus the lack of police protection while on the highway because of budget constrains, I set my cruise control on 80 and of course

I run a Escort detector! It has saved me on all but one occasion. Dag nab it, Dot officer on a extremely short duration hill on a back

road............. but I have almost have decided to go the stock Lexus filter after correcting the MAFM. Thanks Pied1946........

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The vehicle library on the Lexus website shows the original EPA mpg figures which were revised downward to the ones I quoted in my previous post. You can see the revised fuel economy figures for your car at www.fueleconomy.gov

I also have an Escort detector - a cordless "Solo" model which has "lived" in a dresser drawer for something like 15 years. Geezers like me are dangerous enough at legal speeds! Yes, I've heard of the US Navy - it exists to provide transportation services to the Marine Corps. :whistles:

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Jim: Seems to me it's the other way around. You little green men "grunts" are simply someone to

guard the briggs at US Navy bases. HeeHee !! What years did you serve? My ship the APA-222 was on

station in '64 when the Gulf of Tokin incident occurred. We were sent to White Beach Okinawa,Japan

and on loaded 1800 of you grunts and went to sailing up & down the coast 20 north & 20 south of

Da Nang for 90 days and then took the men to Subic Bay, Philippines. Then back to Okinawa for 1800

more.......... was one heck of a long 6 months. '65 all we did was ferry 1800 jarheads to Subic play

a few sorties and go get another 1800. But we did land quite a few of you guys at Da Nang, that the

Admiral on the Princeton LPH-5 volunteered us for. The bad part, we were sailing to Sydney, Australia!

Talk about a bunch of ticked off swabbies!!!! '67 was the year that we took part in several beach

landings in Da Nang, Cam Ranh Bay, and I spent a week in country taking part in Operation Jack Stay.

The Cam Ranh Bay landing were a blood bath for our grunts. They got chopped up pretty bad in ambushes

by two full battalions of North Vietnam's Regulars. Lost a good friend there.....! But War is HELL,

and there is no two ways about it. Well I guess I've been lucky Jim, as I've only had one car wreak

since '61 when I got my license, and that was in town and no injuries. And my Passport 8500 X50 has

saved my skinny butt more times an I can count. Our boys down here only have Ka that they run full-

on. And the Dot officer never set it off because he shot me with a pulse gun. Never had a chance, shut

the car down and pulled over within 500ft and he didn't even bat a eye to give me a 28 over ticket. It

was a 55 zone and it was doing 78 when I crested the hill. It was less than 200 ft short before it

went back down and there he sat facing me on the other side. Never had a chance. That was 6 points and

$168, but that was over a year ago and holding. But I do slow down cresting that hill now for sure!!!

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