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Help Please. My Rear Lights Stay On. Really Weird!


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I hope somebody can help me.

My 2004 Ls430 (249683 miles) is doing some strange things lately.

1. My rear lights (the red brake lights at the back of the car) just stay on even when the car is off. ! Really weird. I have to disconnect my battery to make sure it doesn't kill the battery.

2. The petrol door and boot (trunck) just open at random. This is really weird.

Anyone aware of how I can remedy this.

Your help will be much appreciated.


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Hi ubaid221 and welcome to the Lexus Owners Club. Based on your some of your nouns I'm guessing the U.K.? Glad your here.Your LS has given you some great service for all those miles. Time for some things to wear out. At first glance I'm guessing you may have a short some where. The sensor / switch on the break pedal may be remaining in contact when you take your foot off the pedal and those contacts / sensors remain in contact. Additionally the trunk / boot may also have a short.. They could be conected in that the wiring that runs from the front of the car may also be wraped together with the wiring going into the trunk. In some models and years the wiring bundle to the trunk was run through the two hinges of the trunk / boot lid. The wire developed some shorts from wear, but was easely fixed once you tracked down the right wire.

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