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Off Road Back Up Flood Lights

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I'm a new member. Greetings to everybody. Backing out of our driveway is difficult for my wife. There are no street lights and the brightness of the OEM reverse lights are minimal at best. It is like backing out of a cave. Since there is no solid bumper to mount KC HiLites to,off road reverse flood lamp installation may be limited to either a hitch mount light bracket or cutting the plastic rear bumper for a flush mount install.

While searching for other solutions to vastly increase the brightness of reverse lighting, I stumbled upon GTR Lighting. They offer a HID Xenon Lighting kit. Rather pricey.

Does anyone have any suggestions.I can't find anything on-line for this type of lighting for the RX 350 and the "parts man" at the Lexus dealership didn't have any suggestions. It seems that Lexus didn't give this illumination issue any consideration. An all wheel drive vehicle isn't much good if you end up backing into a tree at night at your campsite just because you couldn't see it.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Tom from Mass

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Have you perused Tirerack's lighting page? (lots of options)


Unfortunately, because of the plastic bumper there isn't a secure foundation to mount any aftermarket lights. I'm trying to find a LED bulb that will fit the OE lamp holder but I'm not having much luck. It seems that if you put anything other than the stock bulb in the warning light will indicate a problem. Has anybody been able to replace the back up bulb with a LED bulb successfully? If so where can I get one. The only different bulb that I've found is the "Silver Star 921" I don't know if it would be that much more brighter than the stock bulb. There is a GTR HID conversion kit but I wouldn't even think of trying this unless someone here has used it successfully. They (GTR) don't have a chat line available or a phone number that I could call and ask for help.

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