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Starter Not Engaging After Replacing With New

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I have a 1999 Lexus GS300 with 185,000 on it. Last month the engine starting making a squeeling noise while driving home from work. Got home and shut car off in the street. Tired to restart it but the car would not turn over. I could tell there was alot of drag and drain on the battery. Tried Jump starting it and it really struggled to turn over. Finally it did and the engine made one hell of a racket and squeeling noise. As I pulled the car up from the street to my driveway my wife yelled "THERE'S SOMETHING ON FIRE" !!! I quickly stopped the engine and could smell rubber burning and billowing out of my hood. I promptly opened the hood and the billowing smoke dissipated. So i tried to start the engine again to see where the smoke was coming from. The Care struggled to turn over. The next morning I figured I would see what/where all the smoke came from. Tried to start the engine but to NO AVAIL! After further snooping around I saw the serpentine was smoked! I mean really smoked and worn so I figured I go get a new one and put it on. I literally took a knife to it and cut it off because it was dry rotted and worn. While looking at the engine I figured since I'm here I'll check all the pulleys, power steering, air conditioner, etc.. I tried to turn the Idler pulley and BINGO "COMPLETELY LOCKED UP" !!! This was the cause of the Billowing smoke and noise. The Serpentine belt was trying to spin and the IDLER PULLEY Was COMPLETELY GONE! I replaced the serpentine belt with an OEM BANDO BELT. I also replaced the Idler pulley, since I was there I figured I do a little preventive maintenance and replace/rebuild the Alternator since I knew this was the Original one.(not bad for 185,000)

All went well until yesterday when I got in the car and the Starter would not engage, NO CLICKS, NO NOTHING COMPLETELY DEAD. So I figured my battery was shot, went up to Auto Zone and had them test it - It was bad...so I had a 3 year FREE REPLACEMENT Warranty and they replaced it without an issue. I figured I got this licked now, put the new battery in and tightened down everything and tried to start it. NOTHING - SLIGHT CLICK - NO GROANS - NO MOANS. ONE SLIGHT CLICK. LIGHTS INSIDE THE DASH WERE VERY DIM, I CHECKED THE VOLTAGE WITH MY METER AND BATTERY HAD 14 VOLTS. SO I FIGURED I HAD IT LICKED. WRONG..... Once again I thought I'd do a little preventive maintenance and remove the starter, Took it to my local Alternator Shop to have it tested and BINGO it was bad, so much so that the solenoid was fried along with the armature. Just got it back tonight because he had to order a BRAND NEW One, just got in installed in 20' Degree whipping wind here just outside Philly and buttoned everything back up and figured I'd give it a shot. WRONG -- went inside the car turned the key the lights were dim, do I figure I'd pull out my SNAP ON "JUMP BOX" to give it a little kick start. Turned the key and NOTHING - Starter does not engage - No Humming - Just a SLIGHT little click that is it? What else could it be - I even just went out and bought a new Starter relay but that did no help. I checked the fuses both inside the car on the floor board by your left leg in driver seat and the Fuse Box under the hood in front of the battery. There seems to be a clicking coming out of the relay box on the driver side. I just don't know what else it could be.

Anybody have the same issue that could possible help me out? BANGING MY HEAD ON THIS ONE.........What does the IGNITER DO ON THE DRIVER SIDE BY THE FUSE BOX?

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PROBLEM FIXED ! Found a 40 Amp MAIN Fuse Blown in the Fuse Box under the hood on Passenger side just in front of the Battery. This is the MAIN STARTER fuse that is in line with the Main Computer and Starter.

NOW I HAVE HEAD LIGHTS - Instrument cluster on dash board is BRIGHT AGAIN and the Starter Cranks Over !!!

FYI - Car was hard to start at first because it loaded up with fuel, but all is fine now

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