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Engine Turns Over, Then Dies, Brake Seemed Stuck Midway

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Hi All,

Around 2 weeks ago, my RX350 (2010 w/ ~88K mileage) won't start during one of those really cold mornings here in Canada. Actually, it seems like the engine would start but then you'll hear a sound that just tells you something is wrong (sorry as I don't really know what could have caused it) with the engine, and it then dies out. I've noticed that the brake seemed to have been stucked midway, and also noticed that the steering wheel was locked -- the latter could have been caused by me as I was trying to start the vehicle, I'm not 100% certain it was already stucked when I entered the car that morning.

My wife tells me she cleaned the car the day before and says she tried to start it (to turn on the heater). So she says she might have had something to do w/ what happened. She is also driving this vehicle so she definitely knows how to start it.

Anyways, I somehow managed to release the brake pedal and was able to start the vehicle. That was the first time that problem showed up, and it has never happened again so far.

I've brought the vehicle for a maintenance check last weekend and the dealer didn't really find any problem with it. A battery load test also showed the battery is still in good condition.

Has anybody else ran into this, or perhaps know what could have happened?

'Appreciate hearing from anyone.


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Hi Invinzor and welcome to the LOC.

I don't have a clever answer to your problem, but I have had something similar happen that involed the same components.

The Security System, in addition to monitoring the usual doors, windows, hood, etc., also includes an engine immobilizer. This part of the system blocks the ignition circuits from receiving current and of course the engine will not turn over. One of the things that activates the engine immobilizer is trying to turn the sterring wheel when it is in the locked position. The locked position is to prevent anyone without a FOB from being able to steer the car while being pushed or towed. I've had it happen that when I got into the car, the wheel was locked up tight because it was parked on a hill and I had left the steering wheel in a tight-turned position. When I got back, even though I had my FOB, I had to push on the brake, wiggle the steering back and forth while pushing start. It worked.

Thats about all I can contrbute. Unfortunately. Hopefully, someone will jump in and add something really smart! lol

Let us know how things are going.


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