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91 Ls Key Remote Entry Button

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The previous owner tried to fix the master key, but in the process lost the little plastic button. Now I have a key with like a hole in it where the plastic piece should be. I can still push the button in the key with a tool, but not by hand. Does anyone have an old first generation master key with the little piece of plastic that your not using? I tried to make my own plastic piece, but failed several times, its pretty tricky!

PS: I'll post a picture of the key to give you a better idea as soon as I get my camera charged!

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You know there are sometimes alot of the Gen. 1 master keys on Ebay, but some of those sellers think is that those keys will work on any other car by programming it, NOT, so they want a little more then what they are really worth.

BTW: If you do find one, how about letting me know too, I need the front cover of the master key. :)


:D :D :D You know, since I took my time to respond to your question. How about thanking me by buying one of them and sending me the front cover, (the one that comes of with a screw). :D :D :D


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