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Hydraulic Button Issue


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So my issue is with my hydraulic button being pushed into the counsel. It was push a little to forcefully by my fiancé. My question is, is there any way to fix this myself or will I have to take it into a shop? Picture is attached.

Thank you for your help


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The switch panel - see the arrow in the attached diagram - will have to be removed to fix this issue and to determine if anything is broken that has to be replaced.

Specialized non-scarring trim removal tools are best to use to disassemble the center console which is usually held in place by friction fittings and occasionally be a few well hidden screws. I sometimes use regular screwdrivers and a putty knife with electrical tape applied to the blades to keep from damaging trim.

One must be very careful when prying console components out using gentle but firm pressure and working around the edges of panels so that excess pressure is not put on a part of a panel. .

From my fairly limited experience, I have come to the conclusion that center consoles in vehicles made by Toyota share the same types of fittings and are held together about the same way. I know that I can remove everything in the center stack - wood panel around gear shift, radio, A/C and heat controls, center vents - in between 5 and 10 minutes but I've had lots of practice and have the right tools.

I think you have to at least pry out the wood panel around the gear shift to see it that allows you to pry out the switch panel. It may be necessary to pry out the radio/navigation/HVAC/vent assembly to get the switch panel to come out.


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