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Dash Lights

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I have a 99 ES300 and my entire dash goes dark. If I turn off the headlights before I start the car the dash lights stay on for a few more minute then go out otherwise they go off when my foot hits the pedal and shift into gear. any ideas?

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As cars have become more complex, the number of different dashboad warning lights has grown significantly. Modern electronic systems like airbags or stability control are constantly self-testing and it's important for you to know whether a warning light requires immediate attention or whether you can continue your journey and get a garage to investigate later.

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Hmmm ... not sure what previous poster "Henryk" thinks he is contributing. :blink:

OK ... first of all, have you owned this car for a while and this issue just started happening or did you just buy the car and aren't yet familiar with how everything works.

When you say "entire dash", do you mean just the instrument cluster or "everything" including all the lights in the center stack (e.g. HVAC controls, radio)?

Have you tried adjusting the dash light rheostat switch? Verify that it is not turned all the way down. If your 99 ES is like my 00 LS, there is a separate rheostat setting for the dash lights for when the headlights are on and when they are off.

Is the problem the same when the headlight switch is in the "Auto" position and when it is backed off one click to the manual headlights on position?

Also verify that nothing is obstructing the light sensor on the upper left corner of the dash near where the dash meets the windshield. Normally, though, if the sensor is obstructed the headlights would be on all the time - night or day - when the headlight switch is in the Auto position.

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