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Vsc And Check Engine Light


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I have a 2007 Es 350, recently the check engine

Light as Wes ac check vsc light came on an I

Am noticing misfiring at idle and subsequent speeds

When I floor the pedal, it smoothed out temporarily

But keeps reoccurring . Bought a manual, code

Reads 51, Lexus dealer won't help without

Bringing car in

Anyone have any ideas?

Plugs? Injection loose wire???


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You can't expect a Lexus dealer to diagnose a problem over the phone.

A code 51 and the misfiring might indicate a failed 02 sensor but it could be something else.

But experimenting by replacing 02 sensors and other parts can cost far more in the long run than taking your car to a knowledgeable mechanic.

Lexus dealers are often not the only game in town. In my 24 years of driving Lexus cars, I've mainly used independent repair shops that specialize in repairing Lexus cars.

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My recommendation is to follow the diagnostic procedures for your specific car. I have them for my LS but I don't have them for your ES350. And while I have the diagnostic procedures for my car, I do not have all the diagnostic tools needed to follow them.

The diagnostic procedures are available at techinfo.Toyota.com

Maybe someone else will chime in to help you.

The sensors are a little pricey so you don't want to replace them needlessly and still be left with the problem.

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I had the same problem, first I was told it was the gas cap or bad gas. I took car to AutoZone and it would not code and the guy there also said bad gas. I finally took car to my Auto import repair he put a new big size code reader that showed that the car had two bad lifters in two different cylinders so the car wasn't mixing the fuel and really meant that I was running on 4 cylinders and the car a 6. I got the lifters replaced as well as replace all the wiring and spark plugs. I would go to a authorized shop with the latest code reader spend the $35 to $80 and get the right reading. P.S. my car was misfiring because of the bad lifters so I'm almost sure this your problem, that is why everybody say bad gas. I hope this helps

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I have a '07 Lexus 350 ES...I think I may have a mis-fire problem in cylinder 3...the problem also seems to expand with the periodic onset of the vsc and engine lights coming on...if Im on a lengthy trip, it isnt long that I get a message that my oil levèl is low...could all of this related to a pvc valve?

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