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Lookn 2 Buy 2007-2099 Es350


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Hey guys new here to forum. I'm lookn to purchase a lexus es 350 07-09. What I have found all seem to hve around 70-90k miles. Im lookn to spend about 18000 for the car. My first question is it worth it with high miles. Second what do I need to be aware when shopping for the lexus. Please give me as much info possible. Thanks!!!!!

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Welcome Tharoah. I apologize for someone not responding to your post earlier. I hope we can still offer some help.

Regarding the mileage on the ES model years you mentioned. Neither the 70 nor 90K would be a problem. Lexus for years has been known to be one of the most reliable makes for any model. As you browse through the site you will find its not uncommon for members to have the same Lexus they bought 10 years ago.

Your second question depends on where you decide to purchase your Lexus. Lexus dealers offer a Certified Pre Owned package that provides a 127 point inspection of the car and replacement or repair of any problems found. It also gives you a 4 year, 40,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. I purchased my first ES330 this way and had a great experiance. After that, I bought a ES350, 2010, and now have a ES350, model year 2013. I also just got a RX350, 2013. Every single one has been excellent.

If you look at a non certified car, insist on asking for all the service records. If it is a Lexus, the dealer should be able to pull up all the service records from any dealer around the country. Also, some people swear by getting a CarFax report. I've never done that and I've heard both good and bad. Do some research and decide for your self.

Come back and let us know how it's going.


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If you get a 2007 look for Trans shift flare issues. All the other years make sure the VVT oil line recall was done. My 2008 is headed for 200k.

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