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Attempting Repair 2006 Rx400H Sunroof Switch Unresponsive. Tilt And Op

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Pics linked at bottom

I am attempting to repair the sunroof in my 2006 lexus RX400h. I recall when I purchased it heavily used, that the sunroof worked on the test drive. However, we couldn't pick up the vehicle for a few weeks due to traveling, and when we picked it up, it was bad weather for the season (Pacific Northwest). After spring came around, I tried to use the switch to open the sunroof, and nothing. No attempt at movement at all. So I tried to use the tilt switch, with the same results.

I purchased an extended warranty which supposedly covers the sunroof, but when I called, they said it only covers the sunroof motor itself, and not any diagnostics or any other parts of the sunroof assembly.

I am a very mechanically inclined person, so I figured, why not diagnose this myself. If its the motor, I can have the dealer fix it under the warranty I purchased. If not, I can fix it myself.

Today I decided to test the voltage at the switches (after checking all the associated fuses listed in the manual). The switch appears to be working, but only receiving trace voltage. When open, (not toggled) the switch reports zero volts (as it should). When toggled to either open or closed, the associated side of the switch reads 0.46 volts. This seems odd to me, but it is plenty to indicate to an electronic control module to trigger a relay to open or close the sunroof. Does anyone know what the voltage should be here?

Also, does anyone know the exact location of the motor assembly itself? I figured it would be right forward of the sunroof, under the switches & dome light assembly, but there is no motor there. There does appear to be a location for a motor to go into, but there is no apparent mounting locations for associated bolts. What gives? Did the shady dealership I purchased this from swipe my sunroof motor?!

Any help and information would be greatly appreciated!

Photos of what I think are the missing motor, plug, and possibly chewed up cables here: http://imgur.com/a/LGswG

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In the past (for other vehicles), I've asked the dealership parts department person to print me an exploded view of whatever assembly I wanted to disassemble/repair. Without having a factory service or assembly manual, this was my only other option.

Some dealerships that sell OEM parts, online, have exploded assembly drawings available on their site. However, I have not yet seen one for Lexus.

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Sewell Lexus which I believe is a sponsor on this site. I know for sure it is on the other Lexus site. For everybody info they give a discount if you sign up with them and tell them you are on Club Lexus site. Good luck...

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In exchange for the kindness, let me pass this tidbit along. I get a lot of car parts for my cars from scrap yards. There is a scrap yard exchange, lots of repair shops use it. It's online, and free to use. find it here: http://car-part.com

I've yet to not find the part I am looking for on there. FYI I found the entire sunroof assembly, in good working order, from a totaled lexus rx330, for 275 + shipping. Motor, glass, assembly, track, the works.

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